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Issue 1

Welcome to first issue of Magnitudesigns Journal, Conquering 45nm Technology. At the Heart of Innovation, providing solutions for a Micro-electronics world. Magnitudesigns Journal offers in-depth technical coverage of the latest advances in hardware and software technologies, systems solutions, applications, services, and support from ni2designs and our partners.

This issue focuses on 45nm technology and FPAA technology and is filled with interesting application articles from our technical staff and our partners.

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Cover Story

Conquering 45 nanometer Technology
Get to know about 45nm technology CMOS technology which is ready to revolutionize the IC world.


Changing Trends with Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)
Now the power of re-configurable analog design is in your hand.

Approaches in EM & Microwave Simulation Technology
A technology overview on different EM simulation techniques


Designing in 45 nm Technology
Application note with ring oscillator experiment designed in 45nm

Microwave Filters - A Go Over
Design Microwave filters using EM tools

Modeling of SCARA Robot Application
Application note on designing SCARA robot using 20-sim software

Modeling of Backlash in Worm Gear Application
Solve your backlash problems with this application note


Universal Platform Universal Ideas - Integration Solved
A FPGA board with multiple device integration


Guidelines for FPGAsIC Designs
Some important tips before you start prototyping ASIC designs using FPGAs